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mistress dominatrix
age: 44

location(s): Living in Wellingborough Northampton and willing to travel

enjoys: I am into emotional/mental control. D/lg, 24/7 TPE, enslavement

self description:
You're perfect! Yes! it's true! But without me, you're only you.

So, I am looking for a girl younger than myself for an eventual full time loving relationship.

I believe that a Master/slave relationship starts with THE RELATIONSHIP and everything is then built on top of that. You need the trust and the bond for it all to work effectively so I am looking for someone for the long term and looking to build that together and then add the spice of the preferred roles to it all.

“What is a slave” I often get asked. Well for me personally a slave is, in a nutshell, whatever her owner desires she be. That means that she is adaptable and able to occupy a number of roles as required An assistant, a second opinion, a loyal companion, a wanton slut, a little girl an , whatever her owner deems to be required at any given time. She is owned completely, unable and unwilling to refuse commands, and gladly serving and making her best attempts to make her owner happy and content, both with her as a slave, and also in her service and the way of life she opens up to him to be able to pursue, they BOTH pursue, to a greater place than where they both began.

This means that life certainly never gets boring! You will be an entire spectrum of people, but all within the guidelines laid out by your training. Always exploring but never lost.

Over the 14 years (or thereabouts. I lost track) that I have been in this lifestyle, owning, training and shaping subs and slaves I have both refined my techniques to bring out the best qualities in them as well as learned from my mistakes (and let’s be honest here, we all make them, but sometimes they are half of the fun, and definitely a great tool for learning). For roughly the last year I have been without a slave in service and to be honest. The itch to train, to teach, to control and to own has once again become impossible for me to ignore, therefore I am once again looking for a girl to benefit from my knowledge, and of course to provide me the benefits of her service.

Primarily I enjoy girls younger than myself, slim to average build and I have a very strong Daddy streak in me and in my style of ownership so would ideally like a girl who would fill the daughter role predominantly in this dynamic as well as any other role I choose as we progress.

For me, all of this is very much a mind based and emotionally based thing. Of course, sex is going to be a part of things, but predominantly it is about connection and learning one another to a unit that is stronger than the sum of its individual parts. It is about my anticipation of your needs and desires, and your anticipation of mine. That only comes with time and practice.

Chemistry is a very important element for some it absolutely has to be a factor. For others, It is preferred to be non-existant. Either can work well as in the end, while a girl is cherished, treasured and perhaps even loved, she is always at her base, a slave. I would intend to keep that distinct line in place and your place on the other side of it always visible and known by you.

I am generally easy going but strict in my expectations. I will speak with you here as an equal until such time as we agree to become “unequal” Do not mistake that for “softness” as I was brought up to believe that manners cost nothing, plus, you are not mine to command, so I will not do so unless you give the ok.

I prefer face to face meetings. After all. This will be a face to face dynamic ultimately so why hide behind keyboards wasting time when there is a life we both know we desire out there waiting for us to live it! I have no issue with putting myself out there. I would hope that you do not either. That means I would like skype or phone calls within a reasonably short time and a neutral venue face to face meeting not too long after (i.e. coffee and a chat with no expectations other than getting to know you better).

I am only interested in females so all you sub males out there and all you TV/TS people. Sorry, but you won't be of any interest to me. Also, while I WILL consider girls from outside of the UK you would have to be willing to fund your own travel costs from outside of the country.

I hope to hear from you girls soon! Don’t be scared! Send a message and say hello! You never know, it may be the beginning of your lifetime of happiness.


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